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Emergency First Aid CPR/AED

Basic one-day course based on Canadian Red Cross guidelines and certification Outlines first aid
and CPR skills for workplace and/or home. Meets OHS regulations for Basic First Aid. Use of
AED is also included in this training.

This training is also delivered in a blended form. Blended training is combination of online
component and in-class/face-face instruction. The theory portion of training is completed online
at participant’s own pace and time, and the physical component of the training is completed
during the in-class session.

Course Duration:

  • Online: Approximately 4 hours online (may vary depending on the participant)

  • In-class: Approximately 3.5 hours

3-year certification in Emergency First Aid and CPR/AED Level A or C

Course Content:

  • The Red Cross

  • Preparing to respond

  • The EMS system

  • Check, Call, Care

  • Airway emergencies

  • Breathing and Circulation emergencies

  • First aid for respiratory and cardiac arrest

  • Wound care

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